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Alison performs for all parts of your ceremony whether it be a Civil Ceremony, Church wedding or blessing unaccompanied on her acoustic violin.

The ceremony usually consists of four main parts:


 1. Guests Arrival:

Alison arrives 30-45 minutes prior to the arrival of the bride to set up. She will begin entertaining on her acoustic violin unaccompanied, for around 15 mins before the Brides entrance, (which is usually when the first guest enters the ceremony room). If the bride happens to be late for any reason, Alison will continue to play and keep your guests entertained whilst they wait.


2. Processional (Brides Entrance):

As soon as the bride is ready to walk down the aisle, Alison will play the special piece chosen by the couple.


3. Signing of the Register:

Once the ceremony has taken place and the vows and rings have been exchanged, Alison then plays during the signing of the register and continues to play while the official photographer and guests take photos of the newly married couple.


4. Recessional (Bride & Grooms Exit):

Once the Declaration of Marriage has been announced, Alison plays a piece chosen by the bride and groom, whilst their guests follow the married couple out of the venue. Alison plays for the entire duration, until the last guest has left the venue room.



Approx Timings:

A typical church ceremony will last for around 50 minutes and a civil ceremony around 30-40 minutes.


Your Wedding Day


The drinks/champagne reception is the period of time between the end of the ceremony and the start of the wedding breakfast.


If the ceremony has taken place in a church, the married couple usually will remain at the church to have photographs taken before meeting their guests at the reception venue. 


The guests may have been at the reception venue quite some time before the couple arrives, and in order to avoid an ‘anti-climax’ after the ceremony, Alison will entertain guests for up to 90 minutes on her electric violin with bespoke backing tracks.

She will play a wide selection of beautiful music, whilst family and friends are having drinks, canapés and chatting about the ceremony.


Weather permitting, Alison will perform outside in the garden or patio areas where possible.


This offers the best value when booked as a package, giving you a great discount over individual options. This package includes both the ceremony and drinks reception as described above. If the ceremony and drinks reception are in different venues, equipment will be moved.


Norwich, Norfolk

United Kingdom

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